Fondant Fancy


Feeling a bit like a Fondant Fancy in my lasting pink obsession, but I don’t really mind! It’s keeping me going at the moment as the dark mornings are continuing. I would say I’m pretty ready for spring now…!






IMG_3410Topshop Knit .:. Lavish Alice Leather Look Pencil Skirt (similar here) .:. Office Boots .:. Topshop Necklace .:. Mulberry Effie Satchel .:. Topshop Floppy Hat

Saturday saw the boyfriend and I take a stroll along Hammersmith river with only a few runners and a bit of a chilly wind to keep us company… so much so, that I had to keep hold of my hat pretty tight!

After our morning around Hammersmith, we drove up to see my parents for the afternoon before meeting up with two of my lovely friends and their boys for a Chinese meal. I haven’t been out for a meal back home for a good year or two so it was nice to catch up in our home town!

I wanted to wear something that could transition from day to night… so a knit with a leather look pencil skirt was the best option. The necklace is pretty big and sparkly, but who doesn’t like a bit of sparkle? ;-)

How do you transition from day to night?





My first outfit post of 2014 was actually taken a few weeks ago but due to a busy Christmas and a week in the snow, I’m only getting round to sharing it now!




IMG_3128Topshop Striped Tunic (similar here) .:. Topshop Leggings .:. Topshop Necklace .:. Primark Fedora .:. Topshop Cardigan (similar here) .:. Topshop Cut Out Boots

I like a simple tunic over leggings, it’s an easy outfit for the lazy! I wore this outfit a few weeks back on a chilled out weekend with the boy. We went for a walk around Chiswick, checked out some shops and grabbed a coffee.

I find stripes quite classic and they don’t seem to go out of fashion. This tunic is a simple tshirt dress shape, easy to style with minimal accessories (but of course a signature necklace!).

I’ve worn this tunic quite a lot since I bought it and I think this is an all year round sort of outfit (minus the boots and cardi…).

What do you think?

Hope you’re all having a good (first) week back!


Weekend Walks


Last weekend, before our Christmas at Kew evening, the boyfriend and I grabbed a coffee and went for a little walk around Kew Bridge and the river.





IMG_2857Topshop Boyfriend Coat .:. Topshop Jumper (similar here) .:. Topshop Leather Look Trousers .:. Topshop Cut Out Boots .:. New Look Necklace

Knowing we would be outside all evening, I made sure I wrapped up warm with this grey knitted jumper and my leather look trousers from Topshop, which I have worn a lot since I bought them a little while ago.

On a weekend I do like to keep it simple, so a knit with these trousers is quite a trendy, comfortable option. I feel that a statement necklace is also a must to complete the look. I am loving my pink coat too, which I can’t stop wearing! (I promise I do have other coats but this one is just taking centre stage right now!)

What’s your weekend outfit of choice?


The Pink Coat


As you must have seen already, the pink coat is the must have for this season.

The lover of pastels that I am, I wasn’t expecting to take to a pastel pink winter coat, but it became an integral part of my AW13 wish list (which you can check out here) and I just had to have one!



IMG_2526.: Topshop Fluffy Swing Boyfriend Coat :.

It was my birthday a few weeks ago and my lovely parentals got this beaut for me! After checking out a few different pink coats, I settled on this one. I liked the colour, the cut and the length… it’s perfect even when I’m wearing a skirt or dress!

What do you think to the pink coat trend? Did you cave in and get one too?




Another busy week down…! Very happy it’s Friday, although I can’t look forward to a lie in tomorrow as I have a pretty busy weekend ahead seeing friends and family! Talking of weekends, last week the boy and I went on a little walk around Syon Park and managed to get a couple of shots of my outfit where the wind wasn’t blowing hair in my face! ;-)



IMG_2492Topshop Cropped Jumper .:. Topshop Dip Hem Top (old) .:. River Island Shiny Leggings .:. Topshop Cut Out Boots

I’ve had this fluffy cropped jumper for a while and I wanted to find a bit of a different way to wear it other than with a high waisted skirt/shorts/jeans… Not that there’s anything wrong with any of those options, and I’ve been wearing it with said items too… but I wanted to get a bit more wear out of it as I love the colour and the fluffy texture!

I decided to try it with one of my favourite tops, one that seems to save me on those days when no outfit seems right! (I’m sure I’m not the only one!?) It’s a dip hem silk-like number, which I usually wear on it’s own or with a cardi, so pairing it with a jumper was a new one, but in my opinion it works! It felt quite effortless and casual and for a weekend day out (as well as work as I can wear whatever to the office), it felt like a good choice! It’s definitely saved as one of my go to outfits from now on!

What are your thoughts on cropped jumpers? What do you think to this combination?

Have a lovely weekend guys! :)


On Top Of The World


Apologies for being a bit quiet this last week… it was my birthday so I was a bit of a busy bee!

This weekend, Paul and I met some friends at the Alexandra Palace Fireworks and before it got dark, we took a few snaps!




IMG_2398Topshop Camel Jumper .:. Topshop Coated Jeans .:. Zara Leather Jacket .:. Topshop Cut Out Boots .:. New Look Necklace .:. Primark Hat (Present) .:. Mulberry Satchel

It was a tad windy and I had to keep hold of my hat pretty tight, but the view over London was amazing! To keep a little warm during the fireworks, I wore a new purchase I made on my birthday day off – this organza camel jumper. It’s quite light but super cosy, and the organza panel on the front makes it a little different to your usual knit. I do have a mild obsession with knitwear but this is currently one of my faves!

I’ve also wanted a jewelled necklace for a while and found this little gem in New Look the other week whilst browsing with my bff, who actually bought me my new hat for my birthday! (Fankoo! ;-)) The berry colour really compliments the camel jumper, which is good news as it will go perfectly with my camel coat too!

What do you think to my autumnal outfit?

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!




A couple of weekends ago, I was invited to a friend’s birthday outing to Ascot. As I’d never been before, I needed to find the right outfit!







IMG_2096Jaeger Dress .:. Topshop Belt, Scallop Cropped Jacket, Heels & Leather Bow Headband .:. Michael Kors Clutch

Luckily, after probably hours of trawling through my wardrobe and the internet… Jaeger (the outlet in this case) saved the day! I wanted a fairly simple dress that I could wear again and what girl doesn’t need a LBD?! I also wanted one that was a modest length as I didn’t want my bum out and this Jaeger dress ticked all of the boxes! I also really like that it has the white panel at the bottom.

As it was October, I wore a scalloped cropped jacket to keep warm and accessorised my outfit with a few Topshop pieces… and not to forget the signature Ascot headpiece… I had a leather bow headband! I wasn’t quite sure on the etiquette of the head piece situation and I wasn’t initially going to wear one, but on the morning of the event, we checked out the Ascot website and as we were off to the Grandstand, it did state some kind of headpiece should be worn… now when we got there, that was a whole other story! But I kinda think it completed my outfit!

On another note, I didn’t win a single penny after betting on every race! (I’d never been… I had to!) but it was a fun day and the atmosphere was great. We bumped into some friends we didn’t expect to see, which was also nice!

Have you ever been to Ascot? What would you wear?