Festive Nails



To get into the Christmas spirit (not that I really need to…), I decided to do a festive manicure. As I’m not the best at doing nail art, I got these little Christmas pudding and gingerbread man transfers, a little kitsch, but it’s Christmas and I think they look cute!

I went for the Christmas puds to tie in with my pudding jumper! These were really easy to apply, I just had to cut around each pud, peel it off and with the help of tweezers, apply it to my nails. Then just apply a topcoat and voila!

What do you think, are you a fan of festive nails?



A Bit Of Sparkle


After seeing this image on Pinterest, I wanted to add a bit of sparkle and try it! So to create half moon nails with glitter you need:


1. Base Coat
2. Top Coat
3. A glitter nail varnish, I used Models Own Pink Fizz
4. A coloured nail varnish, I used OPI Pinking Of You
5. Paper Hole Reinforcers (those sticker circles you put on lined paper when they ripped in your folder at school!), I got mine from Sainsburys

Apply your base coat and then your glitter nail varnish.


I apply one coat of top coat on top of the glitter (or base colour) to make sure that when I stick the stickers on, the base colour doesn’t come off with them when I take them off! (Apologies for the messy application haha I like my nails short! It’s a wonder what a cotton bud and nail varnish remover can do eh!? ;-))

You then need to stick one of the circle stickers on each of your nails, and once you are happy with the positioning, apply your top colour.


Wait for this to dry and then carefully peel off the stickers. Apply another top coat to seal it all together and there you go!


You can use whatever two colours you like to create these nails!

What do you think? What nail art have you guys tried?

Happy Friday and hope you have a lovely weekend!