Bring Your Own Sunshine 10x15-01This past week I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog as work has been pretty busy (we’re moving desks soon) and mainly, one of the loveliest ladies I know is leaving the UK to go back home to Australia (not after an amazing 4 month trip around Asia) where she is embarking on an exciting new project with her hubby. So this past week has seen me on secret squirrel missions making her a scrapbook with a few of my other friends from work, plus dinners and drinks throughout the week, finally ending with a tearful farewell yesterday, but it is definitely not a goodbye, but a see you soon! :)

I decided to design a little inspiration quote in honour of Sunny and to the amazing adventure she’s embarking on and to remind myself and maybe you guys, that you can make anything happen!

Happy Monday!



A Week Of Snow


I mentioned in my last post that I was boarding with my parents and boyfriend in the French alps over New Years. We left the day after Boxing Day, stayed on an overnight ferry and drove to Courchevel… (long day in the car I tell thee! Especially since the weather was so bad on our way up the mountain to our chalet, it took over an hour to do 3km!).

The rest of the week was mostly sunny, with good snow, with only one day with pretty bad weather! No injuries, a few films, countless baguettes, 3 flans, a Nutella crepe and a whole series of Frozen Planet later, we’re back home and getting ready to go back to work tomorrow! So here are some photos from our trip!









IMG_8636( .: our chalet :.)IMG_8622( .: the boy and I on New Years Eve enjoying a meat fondue! :. )

Now here’s the one day where visibility was really poor! Helpful when you’re trying to get down from over 2500m!




The week in the snow was an amazing holiday and tradition ever since I can remember! Sometimes you need another holiday to recover from a week of snowboarding but I’m feeling pretty chilled out and ready for 2014! ;)

What did you guys get up to over New Years? Have you ever been on a snow holiday?



Guilty As Charged


Pug Photo from here.

It has been shamefully long since the last time I posted… this won’t happen again, I promise! I’m not going to feed you with excuses that I’ve been really busy at work, or been on holiday etc etc… (Florida by the way, it was amazing thanks!) ;-) but I am back and ready to roll!

I’m also about to invest in a proper camera so in the coming weeks I will hopefully be sharing some half decent snaps! ;-) (goodbye iPhone camera! Ha, no not really, don’t think I could survive without my phone!)

I’ve given my blog a bit of a design overhaul and as I’m getting some future posts together… and some older ones that I have been meaning to write… I hope you enjoy this amazing guilty looking pug! I’m still bugging Paul to let me get one, but he says not yet… :( I haven’t given up so I’ll keep you posted…