Bring Your Own Sunshine 10x15-01This past week I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog as work has been pretty busy (we’re moving desks soon) and mainly, one of the loveliest ladies I know is leaving the UK to go back home to Australia (not after an amazing 4 month trip around Asia) where she is embarking on an exciting new project with her hubby. So this past week has seen me on secret squirrel missions making her a scrapbook with a few of my other friends from work, plus dinners and drinks throughout the week, finally ending with a tearful farewell yesterday, but it is definitely not a goodbye, but a see you soon! :)

I decided to design a little inspiration quote in honour of Sunny and to the amazing adventure she’s embarking on and to remind myself and maybe you guys, that you can make anything happen!

Happy Monday!



A Week Of Snow


I mentioned in my last post that I was boarding with my parents and boyfriend in the French alps over New Years. We left the day after Boxing Day, stayed on an overnight ferry and drove to Courchevel… (long day in the car I tell thee! Especially since the weather was so bad on our way up the mountain to our chalet, it took over an hour to do 3km!).

The rest of the week was mostly sunny, with good snow, with only one day with pretty bad weather! No injuries, a few films, countless baguettes, 3 flans, a Nutella crepe and a whole series of Frozen Planet later, we’re back home and getting ready to go back to work tomorrow! So here are some photos from our trip!









IMG_8636( .: our chalet :.)IMG_8622( .: the boy and I on New Years Eve enjoying a meat fondue! :. )

Now here’s the one day where visibility was really poor! Helpful when you’re trying to get down from over 2500m!




The week in the snow was an amazing holiday and tradition ever since I can remember! Sometimes you need another holiday to recover from a week of snowboarding but I’m feeling pretty chilled out and ready for 2014! ;)

What did you guys get up to over New Years? Have you ever been on a snow holiday?



See ya later 2013!

Apologies for the quiet week! Christmas was hectic between mine and the boyfriend’s families and then we had to pack for our winter holiday in the snow! You may have already seen from my instagram that we are snowboarding in Courchevel, the French Alps, along with my lovely mum and dad! Looking forward to spending New Years here too, makes a bit of a change! ;)

This brings me nicely into this post, which is a quick round up of my year in pictures. 2013 has been a good year and I’m hoping 2014 will be even better!

Travel wise, 2013 saw me taking the boyfriend to Prague, going on an amazing road trip around Florida in the summer, a work trip to Cologne that took about 9 months of blood, sweat and tears to plan and currently snowboarding in Courchevel! Not bad really!

This year marked a year of the boyfriend and I living together in our flat and we signed up for another year. It really has been amazing  (soppy alert) and I wouldn’t change a thing!

There’s been a lot of food, baking, coffee and prosecco along the way and good times with friends!

2013 also saw the start of Almost Apricot into what it is now, starting with a rebrand and name change. I’m looking forward to seeing where 2014 is going to take it!

So, my goals for 2014:

  • Definitely try to be healthier – maybe actually do some exercise rather than just talk about it!
  • Make time for projects I’ve wanted to do for a while.
  • Keep growing Almost Apricot, hopefully keeping you guys entertained and/or inspired!

It really does mean a lot that my tiny little corner of the internet is being read and I hope to bring you lots more throughout 2014!

Have a lovely New Years and see you in 2014!


Christmas Jumper Day

photo 2

photo 1

You may have seen the campaign for Save The Children’s Christmas Jumper Day (#xmasjumperday) on Friday. Quite a few of us took part at work, showcasing an array of Christmas jumpers, which was pretty fun, with even a customised Miley jumper swinging on a bauble! If you follow my twitter or instagram, you may have noticed that I was a big Christmas pudding (jumper from Primark). If you would like to know how you can do your bit, click here.

Hope you’re all rocking your Christmas jumpers! Only a week and a half to go! ;-)


My Weekend: At Home


This weekend pretty much revolved around food and feeling Christmassy! (I know, I’ve started early this year…) A quick Sainsbury’s shop on Saturday saw me spend the rest of the day in the kitchen, which made Sunday pretty lovely!




IMG_3069(Wearing Topshop Dress .:. Topshop Cardigan .:. Topshop Necklace)

I’ve been wanting to make a stew for a while, but seeing as it takes around 3 hours to cook, I’ve never had the chance! Until now… I took inspiration from Jamie’s recipe, but skipped the parsnips as the boyfriend doesn’t like them and the artichokes. It was pretty much a beef stew with potatoes, butternut squash and carrots and I have to say, it was good!

The other thing I tried out was an Apple Streusel Cake (post coming soon) and I think it may actually be the best thing I have baked! So Sunday consisted of copious amounts of tea, a hazelnut latte, stew, Apple Streusel cake and crumpets, with films on the sofa (did anyone catch Home Alone?! It’s definitely Christmas now!). A pretty good weekend in my eyes! ;-)

I wanted to share our Christmas tree as well, which we put up last weekend! All the decorations are from last year (I went a bit bauble mad when we moved in last year as it was our first Christmas in the flat, with baubles from The White Company, John Lewis and a few from the Christmas Home Show at Earls Court).

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too!


My Weekend: Christmas At Kew


This weekend has officially put me in the festive spirit! I’ve done most of my Christmas shopping (from the comfort of my own sofa), we put our Christmas tree up (keen, I know) and the boy and I met a couple of friends and went to Christmas at Kew!

Kew Gardens has an illuminated walk going on with a Christmas market, full of mulled wine, waffles (yes I had both of those!), plus other festive feasts and little pop up craft shops put on by We Make London.

We had a wander around the market and then went on our illuminated walk through the gardens.

photo 1










The walk lasted just over an hour, with the trail going around pretty much the whole of Kew Gardens. There were lots of different lighting effects as well as music throughout the whole trail, with a little interactive part in the middle, but I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you! Just make sure you take what you’re given near the beginning of your walk! ;-)

I’d definitely recommend giving it a go if you want to get festive, but make sure you wrap up warm! I was very grateful for my headband, snood and mittens! (All H&M).

Hope you’re all getting into the Christmas spirit and having a good start to your week!

Has anyone been to Christmas at Kew or have tickets to go?


American Style Afternoon Tea


This weekend I met up with two of my best friends and our boys and we went for an American style ‘afternoon tea’ at BRGR.CO in Soho. I saw this place online ages ago and totally forgot about it until the girls and I spoke about afternoon tea… I thought it would be a cool thing to do and would be a bit more ‘boy friendly’.

Our afternoon tea consisted of 3 sliders (beef, turkey and lobster… I opted for 2 beef as I’m not a fan of seafood!), tiny fries, a mini milkshake, a mini cheesecake, a mini mince pie, a mini brownie, a glass of iced tea and then a choice of prosecco or muled wine! Pretty good for £17!

I can’t quite remember what flavour iced tea we had, it was a sort of spiced apple type of flavour… to me it totally tasted like Pumpkin juice (for those of you who are Harry Potter fans and may have tried the Pumpkin juice at the Harry Potter World in Orlando!).

Everything was lovely, especially the mini milkshake! Kinda wouldn’t have minded if that was a little bigger! ;-)

Think I’ll definitely be back there sometime soon!

Have any of you been to BRGR.CO and tried the afternoon tea?

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend!