My Weekend: Christmas At Kew


This weekend has officially put me in the festive spirit! I’ve done most of my Christmas shopping (from the comfort of my own sofa), we put our Christmas tree up (keen, I know) and the boy and I met a couple of friends and went to Christmas at Kew!

Kew Gardens has an illuminated walk going on with a Christmas market, full of mulled wine, waffles (yes I had both of those!), plus other festive feasts and little pop up craft shops put on by We Make London.

We had a wander around the market and then went on our illuminated walk through the gardens.

photo 1










The walk lasted just over an hour, with the trail going around pretty much the whole of Kew Gardens. There were lots of different lighting effects as well as music throughout the whole trail, with a little interactive part in the middle, but I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you! Just make sure you take what you’re given near the beginning of your walk! ;-)

I’d definitely recommend giving it a go if you want to get festive, but make sure you wrap up warm! I was very grateful for my headband, snood and mittens! (All H&M).

Hope you’re all getting into the Christmas spirit and having a good start to your week!

Has anyone been to Christmas at Kew or have tickets to go?


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