Ultimate Hot Chocolate


This weekend was a bit of a lazy one, with Saturday consisting of a little trip to the supermarket to grab a few goodies for a pig out in front of the TV whilst watching X Factor.

I don’t usually go for a hot chocolate, as tea or caramel lattes are my hot drink of choice, but for a pig out, it seemed like the perfect choice!

This isn’t your typical hot chocolate as I added a little naughty secret ingredient… Baileys! ;-)


What you need:

Drinking Chocolate
Extra Thick Squirty Cream

Just heat your milk, add the drinking chocolate as per the instructions and then pour your hot chocolate into your favourite mug. Add a splash of Baileys, top with whipped cream and marshmallows and voila! Enjoy your naughty ultimate hot chocolate! (And to counteract the pig out and hot chocolate, I went for a run this morning after about 5 years… it was not cool ha but hey, at least I tried!) ;-)

Hope you’ve all had a nice weekend!


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