My Weekend: Breakfast At Bill’s


The boy and I got up pretty early on Saturday morning for a free breakfast at Bill’s…  I hear you ask how?! Well… there’s a new Bill’s opening in our local area and at work, I got emailed a leaflet about their pre opening trials, where you could book for breakfast, lunch or dinner over the weekend to test out the kitchen and the staff!






It was definitely worth the early start as breakfast was good and the staff were lovely and attentive! We got offered drinks pretty much as soon as we stepped in the door. We both opted for a Cappuccino and a juice each… I went for the raspberry, peach and mango juice and it tasted so fresh! There were still a couple of problems with the kitchen appliances so I couldn’t order the eggs benedict that I had my eye on, so I ordered scrambled eggs on toast with bacon instead and the boyf ordered a Cumberland sausage sandwich.

All in all, a good Saturday morning, ready for the day ahead, but more about that next time!

What do you think to going out for breakfast? Have you ever tried Bill’s?

Hope you’re all having a good start to the week!


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