The Leather Pencil Skirt


A little while ago I was lusting over a leather (or faux leather) pencil skirt, which I blogged about here. I finally found one!




IMG_2817Lavish Alice Faux Leather Pencil Skirt (similar here) .:. Stripe Top .:. Pull And Bear Cardigan .:. New Look Necklace .:. Office Cut Out Boots .:. Primark Fedora Hat

I love how many ways you can wear a leather look pencil skirt… Dressing it up for a night out or wearing a casual piece to dress it down for day time. On this occasion for a day with family, I dressed it down with a plain striped tee and a cardigan and added my statement necklace and my Fedora hat. The tights and boots are also necessary in this weather!

The skirt is a perfect piece for the Christmas season, which is nearly upon us as you can do the day to night look pretty easily! I will keep you posted on a more dressy look involving this leather look beauty!

Have you caved in to the leather pencil skirt? How do you style it?



Ultimate Hot Chocolate


This weekend was a bit of a lazy one, with Saturday consisting of a little trip to the supermarket to grab a few goodies for a pig out in front of the TV whilst watching X Factor.

I don’t usually go for a hot chocolate, as tea or caramel lattes are my hot drink of choice, but for a pig out, it seemed like the perfect choice!

This isn’t your typical hot chocolate as I added a little naughty secret ingredient… Baileys! ;-)


What you need:

Drinking Chocolate
Extra Thick Squirty Cream

Just heat your milk, add the drinking chocolate as per the instructions and then pour your hot chocolate into your favourite mug. Add a splash of Baileys, top with whipped cream and marshmallows and voila! Enjoy your naughty ultimate hot chocolate! (And to counteract the pig out and hot chocolate, I went for a run this morning after about 5 years… it was not cool ha but hey, at least I tried!) ;-)

Hope you’ve all had a nice weekend!


Wild Mint

IMG_2580Wild Mint Hand Wash .:. Wild Mint Candle

I’m a massive lover of candles and scents for the home, vanilla being my favourite… that is until I discovered this Wild Mint collection from The White Company.

I got both of these beauties for my birthday a couple of weeks ago (my friends know me so well!) and I already got one of the candles from the boy a couple of months ago.



The Wild Mint scent is really fresh with notes of peppermint, spearmint and white tea. I love how it comes in a ceramic pot with a lid, and the hand wash has a little ceramic heart attached to it.

At the moment, the candles are living on the side table in our living room and my bedside table in the bedroom. They give both of the rooms a lovely fresh feel and the smell is just amazing. I haven’t started using the hand wash yet, but it smells so nice, I can’t wait to put it in the bathroom!

I do feel that the candles are a little luxury. They’re a lovely present or a treat for yourself… just in time for Christmas! ;-)

Have any of you tried anything from the Wild Mint collection?


American Style Afternoon Tea


This weekend I met up with two of my best friends and our boys and we went for an American style ‘afternoon tea’ at BRGR.CO in Soho. I saw this place online ages ago and totally forgot about it until the girls and I spoke about afternoon tea… I thought it would be a cool thing to do and would be a bit more ‘boy friendly’.

Our afternoon tea consisted of 3 sliders (beef, turkey and lobster… I opted for 2 beef as I’m not a fan of seafood!), tiny fries, a mini milkshake, a mini cheesecake, a mini mince pie, a mini brownie, a glass of iced tea and then a choice of prosecco or muled wine! Pretty good for £17!

I can’t quite remember what flavour iced tea we had, it was a sort of spiced apple type of flavour… to me it totally tasted like Pumpkin juice (for those of you who are Harry Potter fans and may have tried the Pumpkin juice at the Harry Potter World in Orlando!).

Everything was lovely, especially the mini milkshake! Kinda wouldn’t have minded if that was a little bigger! ;-)

Think I’ll definitely be back there sometime soon!

Have any of you been to BRGR.CO and tried the afternoon tea?

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend!


The Pink Coat


As you must have seen already, the pink coat is the must have for this season.

The lover of pastels that I am, I wasn’t expecting to take to a pastel pink winter coat, but it became an integral part of my AW13 wish list (which you can check out here) and I just had to have one!



IMG_2526.: Topshop Fluffy Swing Boyfriend Coat :.

It was my birthday a few weeks ago and my lovely parentals got this beaut for me! After checking out a few different pink coats, I settled on this one. I liked the colour, the cut and the length… it’s perfect even when I’m wearing a skirt or dress!

What do you think to the pink coat trend? Did you cave in and get one too?


Meet Buddy


This is Buddy… he’s a Springer Spaniel and he’s the new addition to my friend Claire and her husband’s little family! They recently got married (you might have seen my outfit post from their wedding here) and within a couple of weeks, they have added this little puppy dog to their married life!







IMG_2727Wearing: Jack Wills Waxed Jacket (similar here) .:. Topshop Snood .:. Accessorize Hand Warmers .:. Topshop Matt Leather Look Leggings .:. Hunter Wellies

The boy and I went to visit them last weekend just outside London for a day in the ‘country’… (I couldn’t help getting the wax jacket and wellies out… perfect excuse!). We took Buddy on a walk where he met a little doggy friend who wore him out so he was asleep for pretty much the rest of the night, letting us chat and eat dinner!

Buddy seemed to like my outfit… especially my jumper, which he found particularly tasty! ;-)

It has made me want a Pug puppy even more, although it does sound like hard work!


My Weekend: Breakfast At Bill’s


The boy and I got up pretty early on Saturday morning for a free breakfast at Bill’s…  I hear you ask how?! Well… there’s a new Bill’s opening in our local area and at work, I got emailed a leaflet about their pre opening trials, where you could book for breakfast, lunch or dinner over the weekend to test out the kitchen and the staff!






It was definitely worth the early start as breakfast was good and the staff were lovely and attentive! We got offered drinks pretty much as soon as we stepped in the door. We both opted for a Cappuccino and a juice each… I went for the raspberry, peach and mango juice and it tasted so fresh! There were still a couple of problems with the kitchen appliances so I couldn’t order the eggs benedict that I had my eye on, so I ordered scrambled eggs on toast with bacon instead and the boyf ordered a Cumberland sausage sandwich.

All in all, a good Saturday morning, ready for the day ahead, but more about that next time!

What do you think to going out for breakfast? Have you ever tried Bill’s?

Hope you’re all having a good start to the week!