A couple of weekends ago, I was invited to a friend’s birthday outing to Ascot. As I’d never been before, I needed to find the right outfit!







IMG_2096Jaeger Dress .:. Topshop Belt, Scallop Cropped Jacket, Heels & Leather Bow Headband .:. Michael Kors Clutch

Luckily, after probably hours of trawling through my wardrobe and the internet… Jaeger (the outlet in this case) saved the day! I wanted a fairly simple dress that I could wear again and what girl doesn’t need a LBD?! I also wanted one that was a modest length as I didn’t want my bum out and this Jaeger dress ticked all of the boxes! I also really like that it has the white panel at the bottom.

As it was October, I wore a scalloped cropped jacket to keep warm and accessorised my outfit with a few Topshop pieces… and not to forget the signature Ascot headpiece… I had a leather bow headband! I wasn’t quite sure on the etiquette of the head piece situation and I wasn’t initially going to wear one, but on the morning of the event, we checked out the Ascot website and as we were off to the Grandstand, it did state some kind of headpiece should be worn… now when we got there, that was a whole other story! But I kinda think it completed my outfit!

On another note, I didn’t win a single penny after betting on every race! (I’d never been… I had to!) but it was a fun day and the atmosphere was great. We bumped into some friends we didn’t expect to see, which was also nice!

Have you ever been to Ascot? What would you wear?


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