Giraffe Patterns & Pinnies


For Autumn Winter, I’ve invested in a few key pieces that I will be able to mix and match over the coming months and this pinafore playsuit is one of them. (You might have seen this pinny as well, which is another key item.)






IMG_1887ASOS Pinafore Playsuit .:. Giraffe Burnout Tee .:. Topshop Geek Shoes (similar here and here)

I’ve wanted a playsuit pinny for a while and was very happy when I found this one on ASOS a little while ago and it was an added bonus when it went on sale a few weeks later!

To give it a little bit of a twist, I paired it with this giraffe burnout tee, which I think makes it look less school-girl like (not that I have an aversion to that as you may have already guessed!), however my geek shoes bring it all back around! (Geek is the new cool, don’tcha know! ;-))


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