As Good As Gold


At the weekend I attended my lovely friend Claire’s wedding. So the question was, what do you wear to an end of September wedding…?!




IMG_2005Jaeger Dress .:. Topshop Belt, Necklace, Heels .:. Vintage Clutch

Luckily, my amazing mum found this dress online and at first I wasn’t sure it was my style, but when I tried it on and accessorised it, I really liked it! It has a bit of a vintage feel with the A Line cut and the gold tweed fabric, so the hair and red lipstick was a definite must!

The dress is on the thicker side, which is perfect for a colder wedding day, but lucky for Claire, the weather was a-mazing! (I wasn’t too hot either!) I have to say that this dress surprised me and I actually can’t wait to wear it again! Well done Jaeger! ;-)

What are your thoughts on the gold tweed and vintage feel?


3 thoughts on “As Good As Gold

  1. I love the dress! Accessories always make a difference when dressing for a special occasion! The ones you chose make the dress feel edgy!

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