Autumn Winter 2013 Wishlist

AW13 Wishlist-01

At the moment, I can’t seem to keep away from the internet… wishing and wanting new pieces for the colder seasons and my wishlist is mounting up big time!

At the moment, I am majorly craving a new coat and with this season’s trend of pink pink pink… I seem to have succumbed!

1. This Jaeger Neon Boucle Coat is literally amazing! I know it’s pretty out there, but you will be making a damn awesome statement in this beaut! (aaaand my birthday is coming up soon… hint hint ;) )

2. Loving this Topshop Angora Crop, it’s fluffy and cream… what more could you want?!

3. As you might have already guessed, I love Mulberry and since the Willow Tote came out, it’s been a huge crush of mine!

4. This ASOS Fedora hat is that lovely burgundy berry colour that is so nice for Autumn and will go with practically everything!

5. I know that I’ve recently purchased boots, but these Topshop Mid Heel Chelsea boots have really caught my eye. Sometimes a big heel is a bit of an effort and these are the perfect height to give your feet a little break! ;-)

6. Mollie King is the new brand ambassador for Maybelline and this Fuchsia Flash is her signature colour. I think it’s a pretty amazing shade, adding a bright vivid pop of colour to perhaps a monochrome outfit!

7. Another coat I’m wishing for… this time in a Desert Rose shade from French Connection. A slightly more subtle shade of pink, but equally as gorgeous!

Oh the decisions! It doesn’t help that lots of birthdays have come at me this month as well! So I’ll have to keep you posted on any purchases! ;-)

What are you wishing for?


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