Ruby Woo


I’m definitely feeling the cold these days… I’m not a brave one that can have my legs out all year round… as soon as it gets a bit colder, the tights or leggings are firmly on!! And a nice chunky knit does wonders as well! (Especially if you have to sit under a vent at work, which seems to constantly blow out cold air… I might need to invest in some fingerless gloves as well soon…!)





IMG_1285Pull & Bear Cardigan .:. Topshop Lace Top .:. River Island Shiny Leggings .:. Office Boots

These boots are a new addition to my AW wardrobe this year as I’ve been looking at them for well over 2 months but in July when the sun was shining, it didn’t seem right to be buying boots! But in mid August I gave in and purchased them! And I’m very happy I did! They’re the cut out sort that’s very IN these days ;-) so with frilly socks, on their own or with tights they look good! I like that they go with a skirt, dress or jeans! They have them in burgundy and tan as well and I love them too so who knows… ?!

I love a nice berry colour for Autumn, so this cardi is one of my favourites. Teamed with this lace oversize tee and shiny leggings, I think I’m onto a winner!

What do you think?


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