Back To School


September time (ok nearly October time) is apparently making me a little bit sentimental to my younger days… cue this pinny.






IMG_1675Topshop Pinny .:. Topshop Top .:. Topshop Shoes

I got it on a recent trip to Westfield and it was a totally impromptu purchase but when I saw it, I really liked it. The material is quite silky and soft so it doesn’t resemble those school uniforms you might have had (I didn’t actually have to wear a pinny… maybe this is the reason for wanting one now!).

I got this cute pink collared top for my birthday last year from my best friend (thanks Nat!) and I thought it would go really well with this outfit. Keeping it very girly with my T-Bar shoes and adding a bit of bling, this outfit is ready to go! ;-)



Darker Shade Of Red


Last week I was on a work trip to Cologne which was so hectic, exhausting and amazing at the same time that I needed a whole weekend to recover! (Think I may still be feeling the effects now and it’s nearly been a week since I’ve been back!)



IMG_1626Topshop Leggings .:. Topshop Knit (similar here) .:. Mulberry Bag

Saturday was spent in my pajamas on the sofa where I could barely move, but on Sunday I managed to get out and about so a simple, effortless outfit was on the cards!  These oxblood coloured leggings are such a nice shade of deep red that all you need with them is a chunky black knit or top! You can’t go wrong with pairing it with a nice piece of jewellery as well! ;-)


Autumn Winter 2013 Wishlist

AW13 Wishlist-01

At the moment, I can’t seem to keep away from the internet… wishing and wanting new pieces for the colder seasons and my wishlist is mounting up big time!

At the moment, I am majorly craving a new coat and with this season’s trend of pink pink pink… I seem to have succumbed!

1. This Jaeger Neon Boucle Coat is literally amazing! I know it’s pretty out there, but you will be making a damn awesome statement in this beaut! (aaaand my birthday is coming up soon… hint hint ;) )

2. Loving this Topshop Angora Crop, it’s fluffy and cream… what more could you want?!

3. As you might have already guessed, I love Mulberry and since the Willow Tote came out, it’s been a huge crush of mine!

4. This ASOS Fedora hat is that lovely burgundy berry colour that is so nice for Autumn and will go with practically everything!

5. I know that I’ve recently purchased boots, but these Topshop Mid Heel Chelsea boots have really caught my eye. Sometimes a big heel is a bit of an effort and these are the perfect height to give your feet a little break! ;-)

6. Mollie King is the new brand ambassador for Maybelline and this Fuchsia Flash is her signature colour. I think it’s a pretty amazing shade, adding a bright vivid pop of colour to perhaps a monochrome outfit!

7. Another coat I’m wishing for… this time in a Desert Rose shade from French Connection. A slightly more subtle shade of pink, but equally as gorgeous!

Oh the decisions! It doesn’t help that lots of birthdays have come at me this month as well! So I’ll have to keep you posted on any purchases! ;-)

What are you wishing for?


Ruby Woo


I’m definitely feeling the cold these days… I’m not a brave one that can have my legs out all year round… as soon as it gets a bit colder, the tights or leggings are firmly on!! And a nice chunky knit does wonders as well! (Especially if you have to sit under a vent at work, which seems to constantly blow out cold air… I might need to invest in some fingerless gloves as well soon…!)





IMG_1285Pull & Bear Cardigan .:. Topshop Lace Top .:. River Island Shiny Leggings .:. Office Boots

These boots are a new addition to my AW wardrobe this year as I’ve been looking at them for well over 2 months but in July when the sun was shining, it didn’t seem right to be buying boots! But in mid August I gave in and purchased them! And I’m very happy I did! They’re the cut out sort that’s very IN these days ;-) so with frilly socks, on their own or with tights they look good! I like that they go with a skirt, dress or jeans! They have them in burgundy and tan as well and I love them too so who knows… ?!

I love a nice berry colour for Autumn, so this cardi is one of my favourites. Teamed with this lace oversize tee and shiny leggings, I think I’m onto a winner!

What do you think?


Giant Smarties Cookies


Last weekend we had a few friends round so I wanted to bake something that was easy and good to share around. I decided on cookies… I thought Smarties would be a good shout and I added some Dairy Milk chocolate too to mix it up! ;-)

This recipe makes 24 normal size cookies or if like me you only have 2 baking trays, 12 giant cookies!


What you need:

400g plain flour
350g soft brown sugar
225g unsalted butter
2 eggs
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp salt
2 1/2 tsp bicarbonate soda
200g Smarties
150g Dairy Milk (cut up into chunks)



Preheat the oven to 170 degrees and for giant cookies, line 2 baking trays with greaseproof paper.

Mix the butter and sugar in a bowl until it’s light and fluffy. Add the eggs one at a time and once mixed, add the vanilla extract and beat well.

Add the flour, salt and bicarbonate of soda and mix well until it forms a dough. Now add the Smarties and chopped chocolate until it’s evenly mixed throughout the dough.

Divide the dough into 12 equal pieces and lay them out onto the baking trays with equal spacing as the cookies will spread.

Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes or until the edges of the cookies are golden brown and quite flat.

Leave them to cool and the cookies should be soft and chewy!

The last thing to do is put the kettle on and enjoy!



Lips As Red As The Rose


A little Snow White reference there for my new purchase… the shoes! I saw them advertised in Stylist the other week and had to get them! (Oh the power of advertising eh?) But the price was pretty amazing so it was a no brainer! I couldn’t actually quite believe they were H&M and my friend thought they were Lulu Guinness when I wore them to work! Not bad!






IMG_1149 BWTopshop Leigh Jeans .:. Topshop Heart Blouse .:. Zara Leather Jacket .:. H&M Loafers .:. Topshop Curb Chain Necklace

Since we are well and truly into colder seasons, buttoned up blouses and jeans are coming out of my wardrobe. I love a bit of monochrome and when I saw the lips loafers, I thought that they would be the perfect combination with one of my jeans/blouse outfits to give them a tiny pop of colour.

This blouse is one of my favourites with the heart detail cut out on the back. It’s feminine and with black jeans and a gold necklace, this outfit makes me feel quite dressed up. The shoes add a little extra too now! ;-)

My leather jacket is a firm staple of my outerwear at the moment and it’s pretty versatile. I think everyone needs a nice leather jacket in their wardrobe!

What do you think to this autumnal outfit?


My Weekend: Peggy Porschen Cakes


At the weekend, the boyf and I got up fairly early and went to have a little look around the Capital Car Boot Sale in Pimlico. I’d heard a few good things about it so we wanted to check it out. We actually managed to grab ourselves a bargain and spent five whole pounds on a little wooden and leather chest for our living room! ;-)

Since we were in and around the area, we decided to go on a little explore and go and find Peggy Porschen Cakes after I’d read about it in Stylist the other week.












IMG_1121Topshop Top .:. Topshop Leggings .:. Zara Leather Jacket .:. Forever 21 Necklace .:. Topshop Slippers .:. Topshop Studded Belt

I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit obsessed with any sort of baked good and a cupcake is definitely one of my favourites so I was quite excited to get my paws on a cupcake after a bit of a chilly morning! The cake shop was quite easy to spot with its pink exterior and I couldn’t wait to get inside! There were quite a few flavours on offer, with the Strawberry and Champagne looking pretty delicious, but the Banoffee did it for me! Paul opted for an apple strudel and we took them to go to enjoy with a nice cuppa when we got home!

And not to forget my outfit… quite easy going, a pair of basic black leggings and a long top with this studded leather jacket, which I absolutely love! I added a little studded belt and a gold and black necklace that I managed to pick up in Florida earlier this summer.

Just one last thing about the cupcakes… SO light and fluffy!! Deffo a must if you’re ever in the area!