Guilty As Charged


Pug Photo from here.

It has been shamefully long since the last time I posted… this won’t happen again, I promise! I’m not going to feed you with excuses that I’ve been really busy at work, or been on holiday etc etc… (Florida by the way, it was amazing thanks!) ;-) but I am back and ready to roll!

I’m also about to invest in a proper camera so in the coming weeks I will hopefully be sharing some half decent snaps! ;-) (goodbye iPhone camera! Ha, no not really, don’t think I could survive without my phone!)

I’ve given my blog a bit of a design overhaul and as I’m getting some future posts together… and some older ones that I have been meaning to write… I hope you enjoy this amazing guilty looking pug! I’m still bugging Paul to let me get one, but he says not yet… :( I haven’t given up so I’ll keep you posted…


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