Fruit Pastels

photo 1

With spring seemingly trying to avoid us at the minute, I’ve been trying to get myself into a more colourful spirit! To be totally honest, I’ve been hanging on to wearing darker colours and I haven’t been able to bring myself to buy anything remotely summery or colourful! Until… I saw this new range from Models Own! The ‘Fruit Pastel Collection’. Not only do I love the colours, (apparently they are very me!),  they smell amazing!! They are actually scented and come in 5 flavours!

photo 2

I only allowed myself to buy 3 from the collection as I have an excessive amount of nail varnish, and the boy may possibly not allow me back in the flat with any more! Ha! I’m rocking Strawberry Tart at the minute, but Grape Juice and Apple Pie are next on my list. You do need a couple of coats to get a good coverage so it takes a little while to dry but the end result is good!

photo 3

.: M :.

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